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Mi 10 Double Charging Efficiency: 66W fast charge, 35 minutes fully charge

Mi 10 Double Charging Efficiency: 66W fast charge, 35 minutes fully charge


Long before qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 was released, Xiaomi was the first to announce that its classic flagship digital series, the Mi 10, would launch the snapdragon 865. Previous reports suggested the MI 10 could be released on Feb. 17. And recently the new machine that suspect Millet 10 also passed 3C attestation, among them also have tremendous advantage on recharging


According to the parameters of the new 3C certified Xiaomi 5g (model M2001je / C, probability is Xiaomi 10) , the maximum output of the charger is 66W (11V / 6a) . So it's likely that the MI 10 will feature a new quick charge technology, with up to 66W support, which shouldn't be too much of a stretch.


In fact, in recent years, Xiaomi in quick charge technology is indeed increased investment, but did not expect its pace of development will be so fast. The 66W is more than double Xiaomi's current top 30W. If the MI 10 does support the 66W, it will surpass OPPO's superv2.0(65W) as the fastest-charging phone.


In addition, it is believed that the MI 10 will also be equipped with a battery of 4000mAh or more to compensate for the shortcomings of the previous generation. With the SNAPDRAGON 865 mobile platform, dual mode 5G and camera upgrades. It is expected to be the new flagship of choice early next year. In addition to hardware upgrades, the Mi 10, the 10th generation of the series, is also expected to improve its design.



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